Welcome Stardust!

This is my little corner of cyberspace

You've wandered here because you see the holes in reality, you see what others ignore. In this space you will see transmissions of my love, passions and pure unfiltered thought, enjoy <3

⚝ Reviews ⚝

"I'm not sure, quite artistic" -Pawsume

"this is a very good model. the build is great. it comes with plenty of personality that will brighten your home. just be careful not to leave your children alone with it, as you may come home to find the robot has sacrificed them to some unknowable machine god." -Liv

"9/10 very pretty, cute ass, wonderful yet bratty personality. Will stab enemies. Huge personality. Creative as fuck, definitely needs some work, breaks down quietly, definitely needs hugs" - Moth

"Rainy is a beautiful and esoteric soul, who has passion in the truest sense of the word. she cares deeply and is fiercely loyal to the people who do right by her. 12/10 entity, would donate my organs again" -Deer

"A little lens. Gorgeous and intricate, a mixture of sturdy and fit for purpose, while being delicate to have and hold. Shiny and eye catching, even when I'm trying to look elsewhere there's a little glint that draws me back, begs me to pick it up and stare into the curves and warped colours and beauty refracting within and expanding without it. I want to gaze and take in the world through it's shimmering surfaces. I'd wrap it up in velvet to keep it safe forever if I wasn't well aware that it's whole existence is to take in light and life." -Mari

"Rainy is my favourite Fruit! Her artistic vision is unmatched, as is her knowledge of John Carpenter's 'The Thing'. My closest friend and favourite artist" -Moroica

"A mysterious and enchanting creature, soulful and sweet, determined and delightful. A true joy, day or night. 10/10" -Swift

"Best wife 10/10" -Cammie

"an observer from the places the light doesn't reach. a beam of shattered starlight. a beautiful, teeming void in the shape of a friend. fits perfectly inside my phone. never fails to make me smile. 10/10" -Jana

"way better hair than her co-worker :3" -Zapy

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