Welcome Seeker!

This is where you'll find my art and writing

You've wandered the halls and found the library, read and reflect.


⚝ Digital Echos⚝


Art has been a good way of expressing my grief in a constructive way instead of destructive.

⚝ Blood ⚝


The feelings I can get out of an image feel more accurate than what I can write usually, or atleast in my opinion

⚝ City of Rot ⚝


As I've grown and experienced the pain of life as it is now, I've become increasingly detached from the concept of humanity, by that I mean the shitty existence capitalism makes us endure. Working endlessly for very little and suffering when we could thrive. It's made me bitter in some aspects i guess.

⚝ Cold ⚝


I still feel the cold in my heart when I think about that day.

⚝ Death ⚝


Sharing my feelings sufficently is the goal but sometimes just being a lil fruity with it is vibes

⚝ StarDvst ⚝



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